Non-profit, fight poverty

EC2HELP (Educate & Create to HELP)

is a non-profit organization which aims to help people all over the world find viable ways out of poverty and into work or education. Our core vision is to provide assistance to students, entrepreneurs and working men and women that are economically disadvantaged.


We know that no matter where you live in the world, starting a business or completing a year in school isn't an easy task. It takes strength of character, know-how and capital. Our intention is to supply parts of the latter to applicants who have plenty of the former.


By assisting ordinary people with extraordinary business ideas, or supporting young people through school we hope to achieve lasting change in the communities we get involved in. Our aim is to fight poverty by making education a possibility for as many as possible and assisting people and local businesses reach their objective.


We believe in lending responsibly, and every project that we start is regulated by specific guidelines and plans for said project. These plans will be made available for everyone who donates.