Educate & Create to HELP (EC2HELP)

Join us in fighting poverty

EC2HELP is non-political and non-religious, and we don't take a percentage or share of the money donated to our projects.


Although we believe that volunteer based work can take us a long way, we also know for a fact that running websites, sending post, accounting and making calls cost money. We therefore accept donations to keep us running smoothly.


EC2HELP is commited to staying 100% transparent, and anyone who donates, or anyone who visits the website can expect full openness from us in terms of where the money goes and how we got it.


Poverty is an extremely intricate issue, and there's more than one way to approach it. But what we know is that microfinance is an effective way in assisting individuals to get themselves out of it.


By supporting EC2HELP, you're supporting individuals across the globe who need a little kickstarter to start supporting themselves.


Join us in fighting poverty!